Dealing With Harsh Vaping: Causes And Solutions

Experiencing harshness in your vape can abruptly spoil your enjoyment, a problem many vapers encounter. Thankfully, this issue can be resolved with proper knowledge.

Vaping, a favored smoking substitute, offers various flavors and nicotine strengths for a tailored experience. However, vapers sometimes face a bitter, disagreeable taste, spoiling their enjoyment. Various factors cause this and understanding them is key to resolving the issue for a more pleasant vaping session.

We’ll explore the common reasons for a harsh vape and how to solve them for a smoother experience.

Defining A Harsh Vape

Harsh vaping is marked by a bitter taste or a sensation that feels irritating or burning in the throat.

This harshness can stem from multiple sources, including high wattage, device overheating, low batteries, obstructed atomizers or airflow, coil residue build-up, subpar e-liquids, or nicotine levels.

Typical Reasons For Harsh Vaping And Their Solutions

Over High Wattage or Voltage

Too high wattage or voltage in a 510 thread battery or vape can lead to an uncomfortable, burning taste.

This occurs when your device is inadvertently set to a higher wattage or voltage, or if an incompatible coil is used.

  • Solution

If the harshness persists, try reducing the wattage or voltage to a lower setting.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to verify that you’re operating within the recommended range for your device and coil by checking their suggested wattage or voltage.

Device Overheating

Overheating can result in a bitter taste and harm your vape or battery. It happens with continuous vaping, long usage periods, or exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Solution

Allow your device to cool down. Use a cooling tip or store your device in a cool area. A device with an auto shut-off feature, like the 15-second shut-off on Yocan UNI Pro, is advantageous and avoids overheating.

Low Battery

A bitter flavor often results from a low battery, especially if you’ve been using the device for a long time without recharging, or if the battery is aging.

  • Solution

In cases where the battery is nearly drained, think about recharging or changing it. Ensuring you use a high-grade battery compatible with your device is key for an uninterrupted and smooth vaping session.

Blocked Atomizer Or Airflow

An obstructed atomizer or restricted airflow can lead to a noticeably harsh and unpleasant taste during vaping. This issue is commonly attributed to insufficient cleaning or neglecting regular maintenance over an extended period. The accumulation of residue and debris in these components can significantly impede their function and affect the overall vaping experience.

  • Solution

To tackle this problem, it’s essential to regularly clean your atomizer thoroughly. In addition, adjusting the airflow can also make a considerable difference in the quality of your vape. Consider investing in devices like Yocan Evolve Plus XL, which features an adjustable airflow mechanism. This feature allows for greater control over your vaping experience, letting you customize the draw resistance and vapor production to suit your preferences.

Coil Gunk Build-up

Accumulation of residue on the coil can lead to a bitter flavor. This often occurs when using darker or sweeter e-liquids, or from not maintaining regular device cleaning.

  • Solution

In case of residue buildup on your coil, vapers can either clean or replace it. Alternatively, experimenting with a different coil or one that is more compatible with your vape, 510 thread battery, and choice of e-liquid might help.

Quality Of Vaping Liquid

Poor-quality vaping liquids may cause a bitter and harsh taste. Such problems typically arise from incorrect storage or use of liquids that are beyond their expiry date.

  • Solution

Choose top-tier vaping liquids from renowned brands for a smooth and tasty vaping experience. Remember, storing your vaping liquids properly and using them within their use-by date is vital.

Nicotine Level

High nicotine levels in vape juices can cause a strong and overpowering taste, particularly for those not accustomed to it. This issue may arise if you unintentionally select a juice with more nicotine than you prefer, or if your vaping device is not designed for use with high-nicotine liquids.

  • Solution

If the level of nicotine feels too strong, try lowering it to see if it softens the harsh taste. You might also want to use a vaping device that is better suited for use with high-nicotine liquids, or consider switching to nicotine salts instead of standard freebase nicotine.”


In summary, a range of factors including high wattage or voltage, overheating, a depleted battery, obstruction in the atomizer or airflow, etc can lead to a harsh vaping experience. By identifying and solving these issues, such as adjusting power settings, ensuring proper maintenance, and choosing quality e-liquids and appropriate nicotine levels, you can significantly enhance the quality of your vape. Ultimately, understanding these elements is key to ensuring a consistently smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

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