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Lookah BEAR 510 Thread Battery Yellow TieDye 1pcs:0 US
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Lookah BEAR 510 Thread Battery

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Lookah BEAR 510 Battery stars a bear look with landyard hole. It has battery level indicator lights and comes with 3 variable voltages of 3.2V, 3.6V and 3.9V.


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Lookah BEAR 510 Thread Battery Instructions


Immerse yourself in the realm of unrivaled vaping elegance with Lookah BEAR 510Thread Battery, a sleek yet powerful vape battery that has been precisely developed to elevate your vaping adventures. Lookah Bear is built around the adaptable 510 thread, ensuring smooth compatibility with a wide choice of oil or extract cartridges, including the renowned Lookah 510 wax carts. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a beginner, it welcomes you with open arms, promising an effortlessly captivating voyage into a land of flavors and massive vapor clouds.

Lookah BEAR distinguishes itself by a compelling LED voltage display, and an animated countenance that transcends the ordinary and injects a bit of personality into your vaping sessions. This unique LED front not only adds style but also serves a practical purpose by cleverly signaling changing voltage levels, transforming each draw into a customized, sensory experience. The BEAR distinguishes itself not only via its excellent functionality but also by its avant-garde looks, transforming it into a sought-after masterpiece and a focus point for discussions among vaping enthusiasts.

Despite its small size, the product carries a powerful 500mAh battery, demonstrating the company's unwavering dedication to providing a dependable, all-day vaping partner. This means fewer interruptions and more time to enjoy the Bear's unique tapestry of tastes and satisfying hits with each draw, transforming your vaping sessions into a multisensory delight.

Lookah device embraces the future with a cutting-edge Type-C charging connector, and efficiency reigns supreme. Say goodbye to long charging times and cable juggling, the Type-C offers quick and convenient recharging, reducing downtime to a bare minimum. This vape is a declaration of modern vaping ease, a symbol of the seamless merger of technology and lifestyle.

Exploring Lookah Bear reveals its carefully built user-friendly design, which includes a strategically positioned single-button function where the Bear's snout would be. This clever design handles the device's power, voltage adjustments, and on/off capabilities, guaranteeing that the gadget is not only high-tech but also simple to use, catering to both experienced vapers and newcomers.

When it comes to customizable voltage, the device entices your senses with three preset voltages: 3.2V, 3.6V, and 3.9V. The LED display on the BEAR's face responds to these settings by lighting up in rich green, relaxing blue, or regal purple, giving not only functionality but also an entertaining visual spectacle to complement your vaping routine.

Lookah BEAR is more than just a device, it's a whole experience, an interactive voyage into the art of vaping. It's not just about breathing vapor, it's about customizing your experience, embracing adaptability, and delighting in the ease of cutting-edge technology. Vaping becomes a pleasure with this product, a ritual that flawlessly mixes style, innovation, and performance in one beautiful package.

Features of Lookah BEAR 510 Thread Battery

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Fasting Type-C charging
  • Large 500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Voltage adjustable
  • LED display for voltage
  • 4 battery indicator lights
  • Connected with 510 Thread
  • Compatible with most oil or cartridges, and the Lookah 510 wax carts


  • Size: 80 x 42 x 28.6mm
  • Charger: Type-C
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Battery Indicator light: Yes
  • Thread: 510
  • Operation: Button-Activated
  • Voltage Span: 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.9V
  • LED Voltage Display: Yes
  • Resistance: 0.7-5.0ohm
  • Chassis Material: Food-Grade Silica Gel
  • Lanyard Hole: Yes
  • Colors: Blue, Blue Tiedie, Cyan, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Pink Tiedie, Purple, Purple Tiedie, Rainbow, Red, Yellow Tiedie

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